The Russian Dictionary Tree

Version 2.01 for Windows, version 3.5 for Mac OS X, by Slava Paperno and Richard L. Leed.

This dictionary of modern Russian contains 17,000 entries with extensive definitions and thousands of example sentences. At least 80% of the entries include complete inflectional information: all endings and accent marks. The dictionary was created by American teachers of Russian for English-speaking learners. Unlike many electronic dictionaries, it is not an abridged version of a printed dictionary. It was designed to take advantage of the electronic medium. The definitions are more detailed than they could be in a printed edition, and carefully crafted examples and notes on style and usage are provided.

A sample display of all inflected forms is shown below. Morphological information is also presented in traditional linguistic notation, thus making it a learning tool for the student who will associate the inflectional pattern with the word's morphological class. Where necessary, the entries present irregular pronunciation, inserted vowels, animacy, marginal case forms (Locative and Partitive), and other information.

An entry can be found by typing any inflected form of a Russian word. The user does not have to know the dictionary form of the word. A list of matches is displayed along with definitions. Click on your choice to see the full entry. Similarly, you may type an English word to see all Russian entries for which the English word is a possible translation.

If you type an inflected form of a word as a target for a search, the program retrieves all entries that match your target. For example, if you type poshli, the entries for both pojti and poslat' will be retrieved and displayed:

Russian Dictionary Tree, Entry One

You can then click on your choice:

And begin reading the entry:

The Russian Dictionary Tree is a greatly expanded version of the Slavica Publishers book 5000 Russian Words , which was called "...a first-rate work..." (Russian Language Journal), "...a dictionary of the highest quality..." (Slavic and East European Journal)

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