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Now includes two books!
(2 books, a DVD-ROM and 3 video DVDs)

Advanced Russian Advanced Russian:
From Reading to Speaking

By Slava Paperno, Sophia Lubensky, and Irina Odintsova. A college course in two volumes, complete with an interactive multimedia DVD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh and three video DVDs.

In addition to the books (over 600 pp.), the course includes over a hundred video and audio recordings, with transcripts, glosses, linguistic and cultural notes, and more. Designed by nationally recognized leaders in teaching Russian to Americans. For English speakers with at least two years of college Russian. Also suitable for heritage speakers. Any component may be ordered separately.
Russian Films
  • full-length documentaries on DVD
  • transcripts included
  • some with English subtitles
Russian Software
  • interactive video
  • stories, humor
  • dictionaries
Winner of the 2005 Best Of Award from AATSEEL

38 Slide-Show Lectures
Modern Russian Culture Modern Russian Culture
By Lauren G. Leighton, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois. In English. Music by Russian composers. On CD-ROM/DVD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh and five video DVDs (NTSC, all-regions).

A journey from the high culture of Moscow and Petersburg architecture to the everyday culture of Soviet Russia, then to Russia as it was seen by great Russian artists and back down again to the everyday reality of Russia in the 1990s when it was transformed by the democratic movement.
Russian Audio CDs
Elena Solovey
a renowned figure in Russian theater
Previously unreleased recordings by Elena Solovey (familiar from Oblomov, Raba lyubvi, dozens of other films). Masterful recordings by Veniamin Smekhov (film Tri mushketera, work at Taganka Theater).
I. A. Bunin, A. N. Tolstoy, A. P. Chekhov, Nikolaj Gogol, A. Pushkin, Vladimir Nabokov, Danil Kharms, Isaac Babel, Ilia Il'f and Evgeny Petrov
Russian Books
  • a book on cultural contrasts
  • a memoir in English
  • books for language learners

Free mnemonic Russian keyboard for Windows 7, Vista, and XP
with Russian accented vowels

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